Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy 2007! is the last day of 2006! It feels weird to think that tomorrow is a whole new year! Anyway I am posting this blog to say that I pray that everyone who reads my blog, will in this next year, grow to love and know our Lord Jesus Christ more and more, and to grow more like Him everyday!


Friday, December 29, 2006

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Hello! I'm sooo sorry that I haven't written in sooo long! My excuse is that last time I came to write, I had forgotten my password so I couldn't! But now I'm back (!) and ready to "Blog, blog, blog!" Well... a lot of things have happened in the past (this is so embarassing) 5 MONTHS! *arghhhhh!* Such as: me turning 12, my eldest sister going to uni in America (and returning for Christmas), Christmas, getting tickets to go and see The Sound Of Music in London(!!!!!!!!!), and me making a new friend! I haven't done much recently. Tomorrow my 2 sisters and I are going to Covent Garden to go round a few shops. Oh, by the way, there are so many *!* next to The Sound Of Music, because I am sooooooooooooooooo excited about it! My sister Ruth is taking me, just because she is soooo nice and generous! At the moment, she is in Enfield with my other sister and her friend watching a film about Beatrix Potter. Well, I can't think what else to say, so I'll go now.
Sorry again for not blogging for so long, and I'll blog again soon!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Trip to Felixstowe

We have just got back from a long day seeing dad's side of the family. We left about 9:30 this morning and arrived at about 11:30. We then had a bit of a laze at my Granny and Dad-dad's, and had lunch. After lunch, I watched my first ever episode of "The Waltons" and went to my Aunt's and Uncle's house where 3 of my second cousins were. The eldest is 3 or 4, then the next is nearly 2, and the youngest is not yet 1! So I played with them quite a lot. And we went back to my grandparents. When we got back there, it was about 4:30 and at around 4:45 we had tea. Then we slobbed for a bit before returning at around 7:35.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Hi again! Last week we got back from a hot and relaxing week in Wales! While we were there, we went to the beach twice; we climbed a few hills; I went on a 3 1/2 hour treck on a horse; we went into town a few times, and just stayed at home reading/playing Monopoly/playing RISK. We stayed in a small cottage owned by some people who used to live near us. My favorite part was either the horseriding or the hill walks, and Smudge's favorite part was either the hill walks or killing the mouse!

Well that's all for now!


The Lord Of The Rings

At the moment, my Dad and I are reading together The Lord of the Rings trilogy. We are up to the second one: The Two Towers. I am really enjoying reading them and they are really exciting. On my 11th birthday (last year) my dad said we could watch the first film, and then on my 12th birthday we can watch the second. So last year we watched the film before we read the book, but this year dad said we had to read the second book first. My birthday is in 2 weeks today and so we have to finish the second book (which we started 2 weeks ago) in 2 weeks!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hello! I have just started a blog. A bit about me: I am nearly 12 years old, have a mum, dad, 2 sisters, a dog, and a fish!
My mum's name is Sue, my dad's name is David (his blog is: My eldest sister's name is Sarah, and my elder sister's name is Ruth (her blog is:
My dog's name is Smudge, and my fish's name is Daisy. I used to have 2 fish, one called Daisy (the one I've got now) and the other Tom, after the brill toy shop in London called DAISY AND TOM. But one night Tom jumped out of his tank and "drowned!" So now I only have Daisy, but soon hopefully I'll get another one.
A bit about my family: My Dad lectures at Oak Hill College; my Mum teaches me at home; Sarah is going to a University in America in August and is 19; Ruth has a job in London and is 17; Smudge spends his life sleeping, eating, getting taken for walks, getting cuddled, scratching (!) and is 5; and Daisy spends her time being a goldfish and isn't yet 1!
At the moment it is 21:06 on Thursday the 20th of July 2006! My favorite colours, as you can tell, are pink, purple, and (I haven't yet got to it) orange!