Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sam as Jesus


Each time I read Lord of the Rings, I am touched by Sam. He is one of my favourite characters in the whole trilogy. You can't help but love his humility, 'simplicity', and faithfulness.
But although Sam may seem like a relativly unimportant character, he is another major peice in the picture of Jesus. His humility and loyalty are just astounding.
In his humility, he is marked by self-forgetfulness. He doesn't think about himself, his role, or his contribution: he simply fulfills the task which he has set himself / been given and doggedly carries on. In his admiration for others and gratitude to others he nevers seems to think that others have equal reason to admire or are grateful to him.
He sticks with Frodo even when it could cost him his life. He helps Frodo through thick and thin, even when Frodo is increasingly ungrateful. I don't think it's until after the Ring has been dropped into the Lake of Fire, and Frodo and Sam are waiting for the eagle to come before Frodo realises how much Sam has done for him.
Quite simply, Frodo wouldn't have succeeded in the Quest if it hadn't been for Sam.
Sam was just one little Hobbit who no one thought very much of until the end. Jesus was 'just' one man who no one thought very much of until the End.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Frodo as Jesus


Frodo is in many ways the main character of the Lord of the Rings. He's the Ring-Bearer. He has the biggest Quest. But in other ways he's just another one more character who's qualities make up a picture of Jesus.
Frodo Baggins is a rather unusual Hobbit. He is the strange nephew of the Strange Bilbo Baggins, who has never wholly been liked. He is also friend to Gandalf the Grey (later Gandalf the White) who is known in the Shire as a 'Disturber of the Peace'! Like Jesus, Frodo is an 'outsider who in some ways doesn't fit.
Frodo's inheritance of the Ring puts him and the Shire in terrible danger. So he sets out to save the Shire from the Black Shadow. When in Rivendell, Frodo offers to take the Ring to Mordor, even though his heart pull him back from the prospect.
On the Quest, Frodo's humility, bravery, and diligence are all like those of Jesus. Jesus showed his humility be going on His Quest - to the Cross. He showed his bravery by going on His Quest - to the Cross. Annd he showed his diligence by going on His Quest - to the Cross. Frodo, like Jesus had a horrific journey to face, and, though himself righteous and innocent, he carried the burden produced by the evil of others.